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Selling with us

Everything you need to know

  • We only take items Monday to Thursday.  If you leave items on a Friday/Saturday, please understand that you may need to return to collect items we do not wish to take

  • We sell on a 50/50 commission basis and display your items in the shop for 6 weeks (or longer at our own discretion)

  • We are committed to selling your items at the best possible price and in the most efficient way and as your agent, we will sell on your behalf from the shop or online by whichever means.

  • Any item not sold leading up to the six week deadline may be reduced by up to 50% at our discretion.

  • The ATTIC reserves the right  to determine the final selling price of all items, unless otherwise specifically stated by you.

  • If the item(s) are not collected by the due date quoted, we will send to a charity of our choice on your behalf without any further contact with you.

  • Items that are not claimed within seven days following the end of the agreed selling period will, without notice, become the property of The ATTIC.

  • We cannot contact clients to say items have been sold or that items need to be collected; it is therefore the client's responsibility to contact us before the end of their six week period to arrange collection of unsold items.

  • Please give at least two days notice if you wish to collect your items on or before the arranged charity date.

  • We will only accept items that are clean and in pristine condition and if upon further inspection, they are not of acceptable quality, we have the right to charity or reduce as we see fit.

  • The ATTIC reserves the right to withdraw any garment from display or reduce accordingly, when on further inspection fails to meet our high standards.

  • Clothes/items will only be taken into stock on the basis that you, the owner, accept all risk of loss or damage (including shoplifting) while your clothes/items are in the shop.

  • Whilst on our premises, your clothing/items are not insured against loss or damage by theft, fire or any other means.

  • No responsibility is accepted by us for any loss or damage to your clothing caused by whatever means.  Naturally, we will exercise reasonable care while your clothes/items are with us.

  • Clothes/items can be withdrawn from the shop by the seller at any time.

  • The ATTIC accepts only authentic designer items.  You,as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items given to The ATTIC.  If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit, you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.

  • The Customer Schedule is signed by The Seller stating that you understand these terms.  If the Schedule is emailed, it is understood that you accept and understand the conditions therein.

  • As a client of The ATTIC, by giving personal data, you accept our Privacy Policy.

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